We Supply and Install Any Stone Project

Ithaca Stone Setting

In 2014 Alliance Masonry Corp. joined forces with Ithaca Stone Setting to form an exciting new partnership enhancing the capabilities of each company. This partnership has resulted in the creation of Central New York’s most diverse masonry company.

Ithaca Stone Setting’s experience includes all aspects of natural stone installation. Through it’s partnership with Alliance Masonry, it can now bring these services to all of Central New York and Northern PA.

Along with the ability to supply and install any stone project, Ithaca Stone Setting can work with designers during the development of their projects. We can help with detailing, stone choices and procurement, means and methods, spec writing, budgeting, and many of the other issues that can come up during the design process.

Buzz Dolph, founder of Ithaca Stone Setting, oversees services and will bring his unique knowledge of stone selection, detailing, fabrication and installation to the partnership.

Buzz is extremely well respected among designers, builders, and stone fabricators for his innovation, knowledge, and artisanship. His knowledge and expertise will be drawn upon continually to help us provide the very best in stone setting. Make sure you review Buzz’s bio included within our information along with photos and awards from past projects of Ithaca Stone Setting.