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Alliance Masonry

Alliance Masonry Corp. has been providing professional masonry and concrete subcontracting services to general contractors, owners and designers since 2007. By serving the Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania area in a professional, safe and timely manner, we have established ourselves as one of the most experienced masonry construction businesses in the region. Alliance Masonry Corp.’s continued focus on providing quality work, in the safest manner possible, has earned us a number of highly accredited awards for the industry.

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What We Do


Installed to provide high efficiency, low maintenance, and a durable facade to any structure.


Add texture and stability to any project with natural stone elements from granite to limestone.


Created to add structural strength & durability to a structure’s interior and exterior walls.


Structurally and architecturally diverse, with a wide variety of finishes, which add beauty & strength to any wall or slab.

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American Concrete Institute Recognition

2011 - 2016 ACI Design & Installation Awards


2013 Positive Recognition and Best Practices for the Month

NESCA Safety Award

2012 - 2018 Safety Awards

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